Successful completion of our biggest R&D project


The company CHIRANA, Medical, a.s. successfully completed a research and development project entitled "RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT OF A SYSTEM FOR IMPROVING THE VENTILATION OF PATIENTS WITH COVID19 OR WITH OTHER NON-HOMOGENEOUS LUNG DAMAGE", which it carried out from 04/2021 to 05/2023.  This project with code in ITMS2014+ 313011ATG9 was co-financed by the EU from the European Regional Development Fund OP Integrated Infrastructure 2014-2020 in cooperation with the intermediary body the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic, and within this project the amount of eligible expenses was contracted in the amount of EUR 2,510,140.56, while the value of the contribution from the EU is EUR 2,008,112.45. An experienced team of internal, external and foreign (USA, Switzerland) research and development specialists and doctors participated in this project. 

This project was very successful for our company, and its main output is a new lung ventilation prototype with new functionalities, which we place in category (D) of the group of high-end lung ventilators. In this lung ventilator prototype, our team managed to integrate new unique functionalities such as:

– controlled expiratory support of breathing with the possibility of limitation and shortening of expiration for patients with obstructive lung disease and COVID-19 disease

– integrated respiratory hygiene in the form of an "artificial cough" system integrated directly into the breathing apparatus with the possibility of lavage and respiratory hygiene with the aim of the most effective ventilation of patients, including patients with co-morbidity of COVID-19

– optimal personalized ventilation thanks to a system of non-invasive identification of the inhomogeneity of lung damage with the possibility of immediate optimization of ventilation exactly according to the needs of a specific patient with severe lung damage, especially in the case of a disease like COVID-19

– emergency, safe, automatically controlled pulmonary ventilation mode for safe and immediate deployment of a pulmonary ventilator on a patient in urgent or pandemic situations, even by less qualified operators

– the mobility and independence of the breathing apparatus by integrating the module of the built-in compressed air source (turbine) as an option, brings the independence of the ventilator from central hospital distributions, which is an advantage not only for emergency, crisis or pandemic situations

– a system of remote access to a breathing apparatus or a group of apparatus (central) via a LAN network for the purpose of more effective and contactless online monitoring and control of the progress and status of ventilation in the ward, or in the hospital

– EASY screen, an optimized and efficient intuitive user interface for controlling complex and sophisticated functions of the fan, including a clear presentation of measured and monitored parameters for the possibility of expert operation of the device as well as ordinary users

As part of the implemented research and development project, applications for intellectual property rights in the form of a trademark and community design were also submitted, which will be used subsequently after their registration and after the completion of other stages of development, namely the finalization of the prototype into a certified product introduced into mass production. Our team of collaborating experts also managed to publish several unique articles and studies within this project, including at the international level:

01 COVID-19–related acute respiratory distress syndrome treated with veno-venous extracorporeal membrane oxygenation and programmed multi-level ventilation: a case report - PMC (

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02 Should we continue searching for the single best PEEP?

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Intensive Care Medicine Experimental

03 Multiple Cause ARDS Treated With Programmed Multi-Level Ventilation:

A Case Report

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04 Time constant to determine PEEP levels in mechanically ventilated COVID‑19 ARDS

a feasibility study

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