Monitors Chirana

Simple, reliable, economic solution!

The patient monitors Chirana are designed for intensive care units, departments of anesthesiology, resuscitation and intensive care medicine and also for the operating room as part of anesthetic equipment.

They are designed to monitor vital functions of patients of all ages such as: pulse measuring, ECG, respiratory rate, temperature, non-invasive measurement of arterial pressure, invasive pressure measurement, measurement of CO2 in expirium and inspirium. Together with optional modules there is available the measurement of anaesthetic gases (AA) in expirium and inspirium and oxygen measurement as well.

Available options: diplay 8,4" - 17", for sizes of display 15" and 17" also touchscreen option available as well as measuremnt of ECG, SpO2, NIBP, IBP, Temp, Cardiac output, CO2, AA, O2, qCON (Depth of anesthesia), BIS index (only in 17" version available), qNOX (Index of nociception/pain). For anaesthesia workstation VENAR there is optional new inbuilt 15" or 21.5" touchscreen monitor Anemon as well.