110 D

The straight handpiece 110D belongs to a group of micromotoric hanpieces without light. The gear ratio of this micromotoric handpiece is 1:1 (without multiplication). Body of handpiece is produced from stainless-steel to minimize the weight of this dental instrument. The hygiene of straight handpiece 110D is secured by sterilisation at 135°C.


The advantages of this handpiece are light weight, easy handling and high performance. Primarily this type of handpiece was used for treatment of the frontal teeth. The current version of straight handpiece has wider possibilities of application. Depends on the speed, straight handpiece can be used as a surgical tool for example for the extraction of "wisdom tooth"( in max. speed 3.000 rpm), respectively as a tool of extraoral grinding and polishing to a high gloss of different materials (speed from 5.000 to 35.000 rpm), for extraoral correction of prothetic structures or makeshifts using instruments with Si-carbide, corundum etc. as well.

The speed has to be set according to the type of shaped material and used tool. The special optional Slow Speed Regulation module from CHIRANA Medical allows speed control of handpiece continuously from 60 to 40.000 rpm.

  • Speed: max. 40 000 rpm

  • Gear ratio: 1:1

  • Colour marker: blue dot

  • Sterilisation: AUTOCLAVE 135°C

  • Drill cooling: internal, two channels

  • Applicable burrs: diameter of shank 2,334-2,350mm, length max. 44,5mm

  • Weight: 70g