CH 660

The electric commutator micromotor without light CH660 belongs to the group of electric powered stomatological instruments, where own micromotor is only an actuator for driving of wide spectrum of micromotor handpieces designated for treatment in dental surgery. Basic handpieces offered for connection to micromotor are contra angle handpieces (120D, 120) together with head (168D, 168D/T) and straight micromotor handpiece (110D). Body of micromotor is produced from stainless-steel to minimize the weight of this dental instrument. The hygiene of micromotor is secured by sterilisation at 135°C. The micromotor is connected to dental unit via universal micromotor hose Chirana for micromotors with or without light.

The advantage of this micromotor is its power, reliability and new attractive design. The special optional Slow Speed Regulation module from CHIRANA Medical allows speed control continuously from 60 to 40.000 rpm.

  • Power supply: min. 5V (DC), max. 26V (DC)

  • Cooling air output: 6-10 l/min. on output of micromotor

  • Cooling air input:  28 l/min. on input of micromotor

  • Speed: max. 40 000 rpm

  • Direction of rotation: duplex, left/right

  • Torque moment: 35 mNm

  • Sterilisation: AUTOCLAVE 135°C

  • Connection: universal hose Chirana

  • Operating mode: 2,5 min. ON and 7,5 min. OFF

  • Weight: 102g