Doplnkové vybavenie

The various additional equipment and a wide range of spare parts are supplied with the CHIRANA dental instrument.

The most important accessory for the user is SMIOIL lubrication, which is used for proper cleaning and lubrication of micromotor handpieces. Only proper and regular lubrication and cleaning of the instruments can guarantee the long life of the handpieces used. SMIOIL has a unique composition without any synthetic components and is designed so as not to damage or swell internal seals, rubber O-rings and other components of micromotor handpieces. Using an another oil than a replacement for SMIOIL will necessarily damage the instruments and shorten its life. SMIOIL is supplied in 500 ml pressure vessels in a package of 6 pcs and also in 10l canisters for use in lubricating equipment of the Assistina type.