Smile Mini 04

Simple and reliable solution!

Dental unit SMILE Mini04 provides reliable performance at a reasonable price. This new model represents the most economical design of the dental unit from our range and can be equipped with either a 4-instruments or a 5-instruments doctor's table.

SMILE Mini04 is standardly delivered in white colour with colored chair according to the customer's choice.

Dentist’s table in versions with 4 or 5 instruments on a pantographic arm with lower or continental delivery system of hoses (with hanging hoses or with whip’s arms). Control of dental unit is possible using multifunctional foil keyboard.

Standard - power setting /speed setting, setting the direction of tool rotation, setting the time for cup filling and bowl rinsing, chair control

Safety - STOP function-> immediate stop of the chair, blocking of the simultaneous activation of the instruments, blocking the movements of the chair when the instruments are working, low-voltage power supply in whole unit including chair actuators

Useful - function GIROMATIC, the optional assistant arm mounted under the spittoon bowl allows easy access of the assistant to the chair and to the patient, LED ready electronics

Assistant's table - for 2 instruments (saliva ejector, suction)

Spittoon block - rotating ceramic bowl, clean water system from the bottle (independent from public water supply), possibility of wet or dry suction system: DURR, CATTANI, Chirana ejector system

Column of arms - various selection of arms for the lights (simple arm, extended arm FARO, arm FARO with TheiaTech technology), the possibility of an arm for a monitor or for a tray table

Foot control - selection from simple to multifunction foot control with setting of unit and chair control